April 18th, 2011 at 10:56 am by Stupid Rubbish

Why on God’s green earth is it that wasps only seem interested in human stuff?

They are like tiny black and yellow flying bastard rats, hovering around cafes and beer gardens. Pestering and circling just looking for any f*cking excuse to force their filthy bumstinger into your skin.

What the f*ck do these little sh!ts do when there are no people around?

They live entirely on that tiny bit of spit-riddled fizzy drink that pools helplessly at the mouth bit of an open can. Or the filth in and around a rancid overflowing rubbish bin.

At least bees f*ck flowers and sh!t honey.

What do wasps give us?


Wasps give us aids.

One Response to “Wasps are bastards.”

  1. _And says:

    wasps spend their days counseling other insects, offering life choice advice to spiders, mediating with ladybirds & helping moths come to terms with their light addiction problems, after a hard day they like to go to the pub like many of us for a bit of cider or piss warm fosters… they are misunderstood righteous pillars of the insect community…

    …apart from weekends, then they’re angry little bastards looking to cause a ruckus…