April 19th, 2011 at 11:26 am by Stupid Rubbish

If I am just wearing a pair of scruffy shorts and a vest covered in paint and motor oil, it’s pretty f*cking likely that this moment is not the best moment for me to be diverted away from whatever perversions I am currently undertaking.


Now if you add to that the fact that I am carrying a claw hammer in one hand and wearing a single leathery glove on the other, you might even begin to consider that whatever I am doing, it’s best to just leave me the f*ck alone.


Wrong – Jehovah’s Witnesses have both the timing and the tenacity to knock on my door AND actually attempt to engage me in conversation whilst I am dressed exactly like some kind of f*cking awful muderer freak.

You have to love the little f*ckers though, they must get about a 99% hit-rate of utter, crushing failure and yet they still trundle on and on and on doing their thing. Being nice. Smiling. I bet they go absolutely APEsh!t when they get back into the secret lair or whatever.


Well done to them.

I can only apologise for the words I used and if you are reading this ladies, anytime you are back at this end of town could you leave the handle of my claw hammer on the front step?

Thank you!

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