May 7th, 2011 at 12:16 pm by Stupid Rubbish

This is the fifth day that I have had the same exact headache.

I know it’s the exact same one because it has spent the entire time lodged inside my f*cking throbbing head. Like a hot angry tw@t screaming blue murder in my mind. I’m bored of it now.

I’ve tried drinking water – I drank so much water last night I woke up at 3.00AM and pissed into my f*cking slippers. I lie. They were my regular slippers.

This is utter bumsh!t.

I’ve even got flashing bits of crap at the edge of my vision.

I tried eating all sorts of pills but they just make me feel sick and wrong. Well, sicker and wronger I think is a better explanation. Even excessive masturbation just made it worse. I kept at it though.

AND I had a nosebleed on my run yesterday.

I think I am actually f*cking dying. If I am I want something horrible and tacky and pseudo-charity organised for me through Twitter and all the proceeds to be spent on coke and hookers.

Also; who wants my stuff?

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