May 14th, 2011 at 8:14 pm by Stupid Rubbish

I saw a very fat Mother today waddling angrilly towards an ice-cream van with a very skinny oppressed man and a very ugly and badly behaved child that looked like a badly drawn cartoon character with a dirty mouth and a tiny rattling scooter.

She was a vision in Londsdale and black wet-look leggings. Her hair was scraped aggressively back away from what I think was her face and she looked like a highly confused emotional hybrid of cross, angry and terrified.

She dragged the wriggling kid in front of the ice-cream van asking him loudly, for all of our benefit, what he wanted. Before instantly telling him, loudly, for all our benefit, what he was having – which was nothing like what he wanted. He had a 99, the silent skinny bloke had a Calypso and she had a massive tub of sh!t.

She was fat as hell.

The kid’s name was Clinton – like the US President that got sucked off and like the place that sells all those overpriced cards and that other f*cking awful tat.


She’s clearly f*cking angry because she is fat, painfully ugly and wearing sh!tAWFUL clothes that really don’t compliment her impressively large red face or her horribly big neck.

She has just spent 25 minutes publicly bollocking Clinton in a way that was somewhere between child abuse and an impromptu dramatic performance for the benefit of the assorted public.

Why do sh!t parents do that?

And it is sh!t parents who do this because out there, like little gems on a coal face, are some f*cking awesome parents who let their kids blossom perfectly whilst making sure there are real boundaries. Parents who put in REAL effort and who fill the lives of little ‘uns with a warmth that will NEVER leave them.

But the sh!t ones are f*cking everywhere.

Why do they choose supermarkets and pubs to try to act out some kind of twisted parenting fantasy to try and justify themselves to themselves? Why do they put on a drama for the bloody world to see whilst their child ruins everything for everyone by wailing like a tiny irritating gramophone?

Why do they put on that voice deliberately toned to be an audible f*cking commentary of the pretend judicial process they are currently inventing around their confused and idiotic child!? It’s as if they don’t realise that the rest of us are NOT f*ckING INTERESTED in the crying, whining little bastard.

Not. f*cking. Interested.

We DO NOT CARE that you already told Clinton not to throw a stone at a pissing duck. We DO NOT CARE that Clinton knows what happens when he doesn’t listen to Mummy. And more than anything we definitely DO NOT CARE that you are giving Clinton his final warning.

Just f*cking kick him into the f*cking duck pond or I f*cking will.

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  1. BurnTheWitch9 says:

    On a par with the middle class tw@ts who have to publicly list every activity their pallid child is doing for the next month. Burn them all.