May 23rd, 2011 at 11:50 am by Stupid Rubbish

I bloody love cameras.

I love all sorts of different models and all the old accessories that come with them I have old analogue units from all over the world, beautiful leather cases with endless patina. Lens cases and lenses from years gone by, kit-bags and boxes of quirky old stuff. As well as endless contemporary kit that gets added to regularly.

I love taking photos.

So it’s not a massive surprise to imagine that I might be hugely distracted as I stride through a busy street, by a large double fronted and totally old-school retro camera shop that had it’s largest window filled with an enormous range of retro equipment, cameras and cases EXACTLY the things I collect.

Of course it isn’t.

What was a massive surprise to both me and to the half-dozen people already quietly browsing the window display, was that I irrelevantly walked straight over and leaned in to see the beautiful toys, smashing my face very f*cking hard into the Victorian glass. Loud enough to make the other people jump and hard enough to rattle the whole window.

It made a hell of a f*cking noise.

And every single person in the street saw it and heard it.

Like an enormous f*cking idiot I had mistaken the location of the steel cage that sat inside the boundary of the glass, for the actual periphery of the glass itself. And with typical tw@tegic intelligence I had gone in at a rate of knots like an enormous cock-hungry bollock lobber.


Not a chance. I just continued with exactly what I was doing. No recognition, no words, nothing but a camera obsessed stare. Until people just drifted away.

I pretended it never happened.

It never happened.

*nods slowly and stares*

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