May 24th, 2011 at 7:04 pm by Stupid Rubbish

Stupid millionaire pathetic baby tw@ts.

First off you play a f*cking game as a job and on top of that you get paid inordinate amounts of money. Yeah, yeah I f*cking KNOW about supply and demand and the amount of cash in the industry and the inflated nature of it all, but I don’t honestly give a stinking sh!t, in a world where you get a good yearly wage EVERY TWO DAYS to PLAY A HOBBY GAME AS A JOB, so f*ck off. Ta.

Anyway, that’s not my real point here – so shut up, sit back and f*cking listen for once and stop with the interrupting.

My real point is this; WHY IS ALL FOOTBALL SO f*ckING PATHETIC NOW? Football used to be f*cking great; massive enormous crowds and REALLY sunny world cups and insanely tight shorts. There was style and flair and all kinds of different strengths and weaknesses in all teams, including players who relished playing the game hard, all mixed in with the brilliant superstars and the skillful and the sublime.

So what the f*ck happened that turned a fantastic sport into a f*cking MILLIONAIRE ARSE BALLET full of lying, pretending, idiot f*ckwits who seem to think that blatantly cheating, moaning, crying and lying is somehow ok and somehow part of the game?

Have you SEEN these dithering man-babies somersaulting and leaping like perverted sports salmon across the pitch, trying to feign injury at every single f*cking tiny touch?

What I don’t understand is that the WHOLE WORLD is watching this sh!t and thinking, in unison, that these so called sportsmen are just embarrassing and cringe-worthy vaginas who should f*cking well know better, but nobody is telling them?

Why is nobody telling them?

And as for the FA, really, has there ever been a more ineffective bobble-headed bunch of tossers in charge of something? Actually, don’t answer that. But the point is they are rule-obsessed worms who seem to care more about protecting their GOD-AWFUL referees from the opinions of anyone and everyone, than they actually care about the WHOLE f*ckING GAME GOING TO sh!t RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES.

And FIFA are no better, and by “no better” I mean f*cking worse.

Nobody is allowed to touch anybody anymore and referees are told to pretend they can guess the “intent” in a tackle in case it’s dangerous. What the shuddering f*ck?!? If you get hurt you get hurt, play the ball and f*ck the man. YOU’RE RUINING THE GAME YOU DUMB c*ntS.

The whole game is now a mismanaged sh!theap full of cheats and pathetic money chasers. The gulf between the truly big clubs and the next in-line clubs is widening and the inconsistency in decision making, standard process and even just administering the rules of the game are f*cking staggering.

Referees are ineffective, burdened by stupid rules and unable to stop bleating cheats from angrily flouncing around at their every decision. Rather than attack the root cause, the FA simply hand out arbitrary fines without any real thought or consistency – after all, money is the f*cking blood in the veins of football now so why ever look any further than cold hard cash as the answer to every single glitch. Idiots.

Football is eating itself and nobody seems to care. FFS.

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