April 12th, 2011 at 1:10 pm by Stupid Rubbish


Ever get the feeling that your own personal mouth is haunted?

Yeah, well, I do… so f*ck you!

I swear sometimes it just does its own thing, has its own agenda… sometimes even makes its own decisions purely to spite or wholeheartedly bastardise ┬áthe rest of me. Spiteful sh!t.

Things either fall helplessly out of my spirit-ridden gob, or it begins to somehow channel all kinds of monkey spunk in the form of a metric-f*ck-tonne of words that all vomit out at once, only ever bearing the merest of passing resemblances to the general train of thought I had inside my miserable brainhead.

I’ve had enough of my own sh!t!

I’m just going to give up speaking and communicating altogether.

f*ck the world and all the little elves and pixies in it, sometimes I have to be kind to be cruel.



One Response to “The ghost of mouthf*ck.”

  1. Leyton Jay says:

    Words of hate and spite fall from my mouth like wet turds plopping onto your mother’s shoes. So I know what you mean.