April 12th, 2011 at 2:29 pm by Stupid Rubbish


This film starts with some bloke falling off the sky and landing in a dirty alley. He’s covered in sh!t and tattoos and is definitely one of God’s mates and he has a bad back.

He fixes himself using string.

Somewhere else, a pregnant woman smokes loads of fags and Dennis Quaid looks rough as f*ck. Like a drunk who just woke up and hasn’t opened his eyes yet. Or shaved.

A cook has some kind of a metal hooter for a spastic hand.

Then there is a granny who looks just like a filthy demonic sh!t – turns out that she is a filthy demonic sh!t. She eats some flies and then a bit of bloke and then crawls upside down on a ceiling.

It’s the Apocalypse.

There are guns.

I had pizza and chicken wings with a garlic dip.

There is some acting and some people who are just filmed talking words that other people have written for them.

The End*


*After half an hour I went to bed.


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