June 17th, 2011 at 8:38 pm by Stupid Rubbish

Quick question.

Of all places why do some people stop in shop doorways to look at their mobile telephone phones?

How do they bizarrely believe that the EXACT f*ckING POINT that is a natural stinking bottleneck for quite literally every single awful person trying to go in or out of a building is a good place to dither about or simply STAND THE f*ck STILL?

Also, why is it ALWAYS some old f*cking crank-handle wearing inoffensive putrid pastel colours standing bow-legged like a sexual toffee-apple and straining his creased old FACE right into the pathetic screen of the same f*cking Nokia babyphone that we ALL had for three months in 2003?


As if you EVER get a f*cking text message you dithering w@nkPLANET and as if you have ANY idea what ANY of the perverted noises your phone ever makes ACTUALLY MEAN.

Somebody else set it up for you.

If you were actually burning on actual hot fire you still wouldn’t be able to operate the thing would you?

No. No you would not.

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