April 12th, 2011 at 5:20 pm by Stupid Rubbish


This film is about a pissed f*ckup of a tramp superhero who then turns out to be some kind of magic angel.

There is another one too, but she’s a kind of housewife and is hiding so that nobody can see her magic powers and all that mad sh!t. But really she knows the first pissed-up superhero because they have had thousands of years together, trying to find how they can stay close to each other but it all keeps f*cking up because when they ARE close to each other they get weaker and might die and be dead and things.

Or something.

Anyway, I think this film was based on an actual true story but the locations and names were changed to protect the angel superhero things or the real ones in the real world. Or the other ones.

Hancock throws a whale onto a boat, this is good.

She throws him through a house, this is really f*cking good.

I watched this with some toast and marmalade and a cup of Yorkshire tea, that was brilliant. I love it when the butter melts in to my toast, I think that’s important. I think sometimes when the butter stays yellow on toast and the marmalade kind of ‘floats’ above it it’s really sh!tty.

I can’t remember how it ended but I don’t think I went to sleep.

Good work.





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  1. BurnTheWitch9 says:

    Oh no, I like my toast cold so the butter stays yellow and mixes with the marmalade. This is a DISASTER.