Behind the mask.

My life mostly consists of my head being filled with very stupid thoughts.

I really can’t help myself when it comes to aimlessly pondering on the ridiculous and inappropriate, it’s almost like a constant HEADTEST to see if I can keep a vague and meaningful grip the flimsy boundaries of everyday reality.

I find endless situations utterly f*cking ABSURD every day and I find myself laughing at the idiocy of everything, myself included, whilst wearing that cheap and slutty little face mask we all call normal.

It’s as if the real me is standing a few paces back and gleefully watching the stupid spectacle that is the world rolling along like some kind of absurd pantomime on well oiled lunatic wheels.

And that’s when it all happens.

From behind my mask I find myself wondering what might happen if I let the screaming f*ck GHOST inside me, out into everyone else’s unlucky reality. If I just let the raging storm out into the world to find it’s own way and do it’s own very bad thing…

What would happen if I stood up in the middle of an important meeting and deliberately vomited my full English breakfast into the astonished faces of empty strangers?

What would happen if I furiously shouted “MOVE! YOU FAT DESPERATE HORSE c*nt!” into the terrified pig eyes of the dithering BABY in front of me, whilst pushing their stupid big face out of my important way?

What would happen if I threw all my pointless shopping into the busy road and danced on it until it was a pointless f*ckmess, or if I simply shouted “DIRTY c*ntER!” in the middle of a very sad funeral?

I wonder.

But I don’t do it…

I just think it in my brain then watch the normal world bumbling onwards, slowly.

With a slightly vacant smile on my mask.