f*ck you up the nose.

What kind of a c*ntish invention is hay-fever?

Why would anything exist that causes innocent people to spend much of the Summer crying at fields or drinking their own nose water near a flowery hedge?

How f*cking pointlessly sh!t is it? It’s not even a proper fever, it’s just irrelevantly snotting out spunky spit and phlegm onto your face and chin because you saw a f*cking FLOWER.

What f*cking purpose does it serve to suddenly and pathetically be unable to GO NEAR ANY GRASS the very f*cking exact f*cking minute that you really want to GO NEAR SOME GRASS.

How annoying and degrading is it to have bloated eyeholes like a MARSHMALLOW FILLED CIRCLE f*ckER and a nose that appears to have VOMITED SEMEN onto your lips?

All it does is properly f*ck Summer up for everyone; for the sneezefaced attention seeking squirmtw@ts, for those of us who have to WATCH THEIR SNOT, plus basically f*cking EVERYONE.

Also, Antihistamines, fat lot of f*cking good they do, you might as well use Smarties and Cocaine to ward off AIDS. The over the counter sh!t does f*ck ALL for any allergies most of the time. you’d be better off ramming the f*cking pills up your nose – at least that would stop the pollen getting snorted up into your fat head like BEE COCAINE.

What a complete ANUS CLENCHING bastard face.

I want it canceled, immediately.