Ignorance isn’t bliss.

It’s often a little bit of a thrill when you discover something entirely new.

You know, a bit like your first secret w@nk; exciting, different, happy ending. Etc.

It’s such a massive f*cking horrendous sh!t of a shame though, that it’s also possible to make the same kind of big internal discovery about a bizarre strand of human behaviour that allows you a proper mindlicking insight into what people can convince themselves is OK and what kind of awful soulless c*nts are out there disguised as normal people.

I guess whoever penned the whole ignorance is bliss thing was a smart little sh!t and probably a journalist or an ambulance chaser. Or both. Or neither.

Am I surprised to imagine that a newspaper could have hacked into personal voicemails to try and get any kind of salacious filthy gossip they might be lucky enough to hear?

Am I surprised to imagine a newspaper could have used a Magnum PI to root about into other people’s private business in the quest for some printable sh!t?

No. Of course I’m not, I’m not six years old.

Because in my mind, these are the same awful people who make pure sh!t up just to sell their newspapers and selectively invent and twist and exaggerate so much, so often and so routinely that they must be all but f*cking blind to it.

I imagine these are the people that hide like animals in hedges, chase ambulances and blatantly appear to have a lower level of awareness of moral fibre and integrity than a f*cking starfish.

And a perverted starfish at that.

But what has surprised me is that anyone who is actually a living, breathing human could knowingly decide that their own potential to sell some words, was so important, so vital and so much of a f*cking ‘priority’, that they would willfully do something to cause the terrified, grieving, pain-stricken parents of a missing child to feel a f*ckload of extra false hope and additional, needless pain.

False hope and additional, needless pain.

It’s f*cking disgraceful.

What’s more f*cking disgraceful is that somehow that is how our society is now.

It’s also disgraceful that we even need to see the kind of immense reaction against this that we are seeing from various spheres. Not to criticise the people who are pushing hard AT ALL, because they are TOTALLY f*cking awesome and TOTALLY f*cking right for getting stuck in.

But how did we get here?

Anyway, enough pissthinking and mumbling.

What needs to happen is simple: Anyone or anything that puts money in the pockets of any organisation that routinely behaves like TOTAL f*ckING APPALLING SCUM should just get their cash THE f*ck OUT of that organisation without any f*ckdithering about.

Right now.

And that doesn’t mean callously using it as an even better and more positive form of promotion than the previously expensive ads from that filthy sinking ship either. No, have some f*cking DIGNITY and just quietly stop funding anything or anyone that is happy to peddle f*ckING AGONY as a commodity.


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