Merge in turn.

Desperate and pointless overtaker tw@ts.

You know exactly who I mean: those f*cking pathetic car idiots who, upon exiting a roundabout or entering a stretch of road where two lanes merge into one, suddenly feel the insatiable need to froth themselves into some kind of traffic orgasm in order to ejaculate themselves ahead of you to irrelevantly gain TWENTY f*ckING YARDS OF ROAD.

What is the BASTARDING point in them trying to grunt their way past and then force their way back into the EXACT SAME LINE OF TRAFFIC in twenty yards’ time like a f*cking BABY?

You can look straight ahead all you LIKE you utter foaming PISS TANKARD, I’m not going to move a f*cking inch for you and I’m going to stare right at the side of your massive c*nty face and BURN A HOLE IN IT with my ANGRY EYES.

Frankly I’d rather crash my f*cking car than let you drive away with fully erect peanus and a fully intact superiority complex that is rooted in your obsession with animal porn and role-playing games.

f*ck you very much.