You know what I think?

I think that the overwhelming majority of people wandering the streets setting fire to sh!t DON’T GIVE A f*ck about injustice or about the untimely death of Mark Duggan. I doubt that many of them even realise what the concept of protest is or even have any real political views of their own in the first place.

Instead I think the crowds of rioters and looters are mostly made up of utterly pathetic cowards and thieves who are terrified of being identified because they know they are doing wrong.

These people are PAINFULLY STUPID and they must think the rest of us are even MORE STUPID to believe their transparent bandwagon motives.

Rather than ‘standing up for something they believe in’, they are actually just desperately reveling in being able to mindlessly break things, viciously damage property and endanger lives, whilst also freely looting and stealing simply to line their own greedy pockets like common robbers.

They are stealing from the businesses, homes and persons of the very community they pretend to represent and pretend to be standing for. They are nothing but a false and uncontrollable minority abhorred and rejected wholly by the overwhelming majority who look on in disgust.

And rather than this violence being an inevitable symptom of the awful state of the world that these poor, poor souls must endure – I believe the opposite.

I think that this underlying hate and contempt that these completely abhorrent individuals clearly posses, just seething below their facades of normality, is itself EXACTLY what must at least partly have contributed to the sorry state of affairs their lives are in.

Stop blaming everyone else and TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY.

I don’t think this is an expression of anger or a protest or an insurrection.

It’s opportunism and a complete lack of moral fibre and the ability to know right from wrong on even the most basic level. I think it’s mob rule perpetuated by people who should know better and you’d find a far higher understanding of rights and wrongs and more ethical intelligence in a playgroup.

Every single person who’s involved themselves in this sh!tty mess should feel f*ckING ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES.

There are people being interviewed on the television and the radio, or posting on Twitter, or heckling from the crowds who are making ridiculous and bizarre statements like “this will never stop” or “we want justice”.

I hope you all get the justice you deserve for the damage you have done to your communities and the reputations of those people you falsely pretend to represent, you spineless appalling feral sh!ts.

Of course it will stop – because there will come a point when there is nothing left to steal or mindlessly burn in the streets.

There will come a point when even the very stupidest amongst the rioters will realise that the game is up and all that has happened is that they’ve destroyed the property of their innocent neighbours and fully unpicked the fragile seams of our society through thoughtless greed, anger, stupidity and LIES.

But, of course, maybe they now have a stolen television or XBOX as a trophy or a handful of clothes grabbed from a burning shop to wear with pride.

But Mark Duggan is still dead and nobody closer to seeing what REALLY happened, and now his death will forever be blurred and distorted into this unholy f*cking MESS that has erupted.

And with it goes any calm voice of reason or real INTELLIGENT protest and, probably, all hope, stupidly lost. Well done.