The duck’s brother.

So there I am, in a multi-storey car-park that smells mildly of wee and car fumes and bizarrely and irrelevantly; warm pork.

And then I see it.

It’s just a distant shape on a doorway, like a mysterious beacon from another lifetime. A recognisable shape, from a distant memory that I can’t quite place. But as I get closer, slowly, it becomes strangely clearer.

A tingle stirs in the depths of my mind, what does it remind me of?

And then I realise.


But it’s somehow different, like an alternative version, a close facsimile, like an echo in space – or a (duck shaped) teardrop in rain.

I think I found the duck’s brother.

In the extremely unlikely event that you don’t know @Biltawulf, here is a library image of the duck himself, for reference:

Back in the multi-storey…

I leap into action; I get my camera and I stride towards the door, I inspect the suspected brother – it’s him alright – I realise that this is a moment where I really need to act fast for the greater good.

I press myself heroically against the little door, the sound of running watercomes from within, and I energetically fill the closed door-frame as I reach up fearlessly and take the picture I need as evidence.

The door opens.

Unfortunately for me, the running water I could hear was a man’s actual piss. And the ‘old storeroom’ I assumed lay behind this door is actually a small toilet for the f*cking security team at the multi-storey.


So basically, the guard has come out of the toilet, still doing up his zipper, to be instantly faced with me, filling the entire doorway, barely one inch from his startled face and wearing a large sh!t eating grin.

Holding a f*cking camera.

I mumbled something about “……….like a duck I know

He simply walked away. Terrified.

I hope you appreciate the damage I did to my reputation getting this picture. Or at least the ridiculous and pointless scenario I effortlessly forced myself into, but like I said earlier, this is for the greater good. This is about reuniting family, about repairing wounded hearts, this thing is bigger than all of us…

Behold, the duck’s brother:

Thanks and credit to @BellJarred who might have pointed at it first. Might have.